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List of Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities (ADR)
(created in accordance with Article 20 of Directive 2013/11 / EU)

This list is part of the first set of ADR entities that have already been communicated to the European Commission, pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 17 of Law no. 144/2015 of 8 September.

CASA – Automotive Sector Arbitration Center

Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center

Vale do Ave Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center / Arbitral Tribunal

CIAB – Consumer Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center (Consumer Arbitral Tribunal)

CIMPAS – Insurance Information, Mediation and Ombudsman Center

CNIACC – National Center for Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration

Consumer Disputes Arbitration Center of the District of Coimbra

Algarve Consumer Conflict Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center

Porto Consumer and Arbitration Information Center

Note: Requests from other entities wishing to be included in this list are still under analysis, and it is hoped that in the coming days the Directorate-General for Consumers will be able to make a new communication from these entities to the European Commission.
Recall Law No. 144/2015 of 8 September, which came to transpose Directive 2013/11 / EU, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 21 May 2013, on the alternative resolution of consumer disputes, establishes the new legal framework for the mechanisms for out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes, creating in Portugal the Consumer Arbitration Network.
This statute establishes new rules for entities for the alternative resolution of consumer disputes and also obligations for companies. The deadline for adapting to these new rules ends on March 23, 2016.


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